Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Bear Necessities - Macros

Complete Macro List and Description

Start Attack and Cancel Auras
- Keybind: 4

/cancelaura Parachute
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cast Mangle

Note: Removes unwanted [Blessing of Protection] or I delay hitting it to sit in it as well as cancels the parachute for Spine. Also /startattack on every attack.

AoE Rotation
Simple cast sequence with everything I use in the 6 seconds of my total aoe rotation.
- Keybind: Mousewheel Down

/castsequence [stance:1] reset=6 Thrash, Swipe, Mangle, Swipe; [stance:3] reset=6 Thrash, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe;

Note: This is one button aoe for both bear and cat. Keep in mind in cat with normal energy regen you can Swipe three times before the Thrash dot falls off.

Simple mouseover > target priority on my taunt.
- Keybind: 1

#showtooltip Growl
/cast [@mouseover, exists, harm][exists, harm] Growl;

Note: I use this for:

[Skull Bash]
Stance adjust with focus > mouseover > target priority
- Keybind: Mousewheel Up

/cast [nostance:1/3] Soothe; [stance:1/3, @focus, exists, harm][@mouseover, exists, harm][@target, exists, harm] Skull Bash;

Stance adjust with mouseover > target priority (no focus)
- Keybind: Shift Mousewheel Up

/cast [nostance:1/3] Soothe; [@mouseover, exists, harm][@target, exists, harm] Skull Bash;

Note: Both of these will [Skull Bash] while in [Bear Form] or [Cat Form] and [Soothe] otherwise. Mousewheel Up to interrupt focus and if I have a focus shift mousewheel up to interrupt my target or mouseover target.

Focus Macros
Useful for everyone. Mouseover or target set focus with a quick clear focus bind.

Focus - Set
Shift Mousewheel Down

/focus [@mouseover, nodead, exists][@target]

Focus - Clear
Ctrl Mousewheel Down


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