Monday, 15 October 2012

Savage Defense vs Frenzied Regen

First disclaimer before we get started is that I will be leaving out glyphed Frenzied Regen from this discussion. I'll leave that for another post.

So, which is better? Savage Defense or Frenzied Regen... well it depends. The major factors being:

- How much rage per second do you generate?
- How much damage you are taking?
- How much of that damage is "dodgable"?

Well to put it simply I've done the math for you and have added it to the spreadsheet. If you wish to edit it for your stats, save your own copy of this sheet and simply input you current stats in the green boxes on the first sheet.

By putting in your stats you'll be able to see:

- The Uptime on Savage Defense (or Glyphed Frenzied Regen).
- How much a 60 rage Frenzied Regen will heal you for with full vengeance.
- How much healing per second that is based on your rage per second.
- And most importantly the breaking point of "dodgable" damage in a boss fight when Savage Defense will be better than Frenzied Regen.

So let's look at my output with my current gear:

Dam/Sec Taken - 80,000
Unmitigated - 109,311

Rage Per Second - 9.74

SD/Glyphed FR Uptime - 97.45%
FR 60 Rage Heal -174,637
FR HPS - 28,363
Resulting in:

Savage Defense > Frenzied Regen Breaking Point - 43.85% "Dodgable" Damage

This means in a boss fight if 43.85% of my damage taken is "dodgable" I will be mitigating more damage then I would be healing if I was using Frenzied Regen.

Last Disclaimer: This is just the numbers, there are a lot of other things that should be consider when making the choice on which button to push. Play smart, play bear! 

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  1. Could you explain the spreadsheet calculation for the 60 rage FR heal? it looks like you're using "270 + [(AP from agi - AP from base agi) + avg vengeance] * 2". However, I thought blizzard devs had indicated this should be "2 * (AP - AP from agi)" which should be about the same as "2 * avg vengeance". Am I missing something?