Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Thok - 65 Stacks of Acceleration!

Just thought I'd share this!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Heroic Immerseus & Fallen Protectors

We managed to squeeze in an early raiding day this week now that heroics are available. Had a couple sub 5% wipes on Norushen with our most geared dps away : ( Either way, here are the first two boss kill videos!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Guardian Druid 5.4 Stat Weights

Now that 5.4 is live I thought I would update everyone on my current stat weights and just to repost my working spreadsheet for everyone!

Not much has changed in terms of values of stats but we will start having to work around crit cap! As well, the big dicussion is around how good Dream of Cenarius is and what we should do with our tier 6 talent. I will make a new post on that soon!

Dodge^0.0319 / 0.0389
Hit*0.0312 / 0.0328
Exp*0.0312 / 0.0328

*Before caps, and using TnC see below
^ 100% dodgable or physical damage

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Siege Of Orgrimmar - 10 Man Normal - Garrosh Hellscream

So now that week one has come to an end, Garrosh has been defeated! All in all normal Siege of Orgrimmar turned out to be exciting and I've been nothing but impressed.

Thought I would share our Garrosh Hellscream kill, well not exactly kill but defeat. Check out the cinematic at the end as well!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Week 1 - 5.4 Paragon of Klaxxi Strat And Info

I thought I would share my notes on doing Paragon of Klaxxi this week.

These are pre-notes and I will post the video after the kill!

Bosses - Swarm, Bloodseeker, Dissector
Kill - Dissector
Power - DPS - Mad Scientist - Scorpion transform

  • Dissector debuffs tanks that spawns adds at 10, should be dead before this happens

Boss - Locust
Kill - Bloodseeker
Power - DPS - Bloodthirsty - Activate to change on ability to spawn blood orb (monk ball 2.0)

  • Kill one set of bloods while Bloodletter is up
  • Spread for charge from Locust
  • Lines (aim) start ( soak from boss to targeted player )

Boss - Prime
Kill - Locust
Power - DPS - Strong Legs - Leap to platform to hurl amber
  • Tank swaps on shield bash > attacks
  • Amber at 50% - switch and kill
  • Amber pools start

Boss - Lucid
Kill - Prime
Power - Tank - Master of Amber - cast on play to immune all damage for 5 sec

  • Amber at 50%  - switch and kill

Boss - Poison
Kill - Lucid
Power - Healer - Ingenious - Heal + copy to another raid member (same class or race)

  • Catalyst - Blues grp with others reds aways move from yellow pools

Boss - Manipulator
Kill - Poison
Power - Healer - Vast Apothecarial Knowledge - 10 sec buff for living

  • Dodge sonics from Manipulator
  • Hungry Kunchong - memz link dps and tank pick up

Boss - Wind-reaver
Kill - Manipulator
Power - Any - Summons add to fight for 40 sec

  • Death from above - dodge Wind leap

Boss - None
Kill - Wind
Power - DPS - Reave - Leap and damage, can break hungry shield

Boss - None
Kill - Swarm
Power - DPS - Compound Eye - SIngle target nuke more damage more distance and increase damage taken by 15% for 10 sec.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Smite - Weekend Giveaway

This weekend I put together a small event that ended in lots of excitement and  three sets of 400 gems given away.

We played three mini games where Twitch users were able to guess at who would "win".

Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/TheeTova

Game 1 - Conquest Most Creep Damage
Submissions: Which god will do the most creep damage?

Game 2 - Conquest Race to the Minotaur
Submissions: Which team (red or blue) will agro the Minotaur first?

Game 3 - Assault Race to the Minotaur
Submissions: Which team (red or blue) will agro the Minotaur first?

Congratulations to the winners:

Game 1 - Gentlemancat69
Game 2 - Sid0195
Game 3 - Doka92

Here are the highlights from the games!

Game 1 - Conquest Most Creep Damage

Game 2 - Conquest Race the the Minotaur

Game 3 - Assault Race to the Minotaur