Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Legion Armor Damage Reduction And WeakAura

Playing a bear druid, my know my armor and physical damage reduction is quite important. With the 85% physical damage reduction cap, I find myself able to hit this and as a result I need to keep an eye on this not to hit another stack of Iron Fur.

With the lack of much information out there, I thought it would be helpful to put up my armor formulas and WeakAura.


This WeakAura will display your current damage reduction based on your current targets level. Or with no target it will display your physical damage reduction based on a 110 mob.

The Math And Caps

Further the modified here has been based on level, assuming this is still valid, we get the following:

85% Damage Reduction Caps:
110 Mob = 41878
113 Mob = 43020

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Week 1 DPS Race - Normal Iron Reaver (15 Secs)

Congrats to Vda for winning a weeks game time.


Prepare for week 2 - Heroic Gorefiend.

1 Month Game Time - Phase 2 DPS
Brightpaw Pet - Total Add Damage.

Friday, 24 April 2015

6.2 Savage Defense Changes

Increases chance to dodge by 45% and reduces Physical damage taken by 20% for 6 sec.

  At first look the 20% decrease physical damage taken look awesome and don't get me wrong, it is nice but after further thought I think it's more of a quality of life change than a huge buff.

  First of all a vast majority of damage we take as tanks that is physical is dodgable. That being said, on average, this 20% buff only applies to 55% of the damage we take while we have Savage Defense up. Therefore on average when we hit Savage Defense we will only take 11% less physical damage (55% change to be hit * 20% reduction). Therefore in my mind Savage defense is now 56% physical damage reduction.

  Further to my comment about a quality of life change, say we have a bad Savage Defense and dodge zero attacks. So now instead of our rng dodge we will always take at least 20% less damage. This help with the "getting gib'd" that avoidance tanking can lead to.  Here is a chart for an example of a 1.5 melee swing timer mob for one Savage Defense.

Total Damage Reduction During A Savage Defense.

# of HitsOld SDNew SD

  As we can see this just brings up the bottom end of Savage Defense which was really needed to make bears a more stable tank.

PTR Hellfire Cidadel - Heroic Kormrok & Shadow-Lord Iskar

Heroic Kormrok

  Overview: Kormrok periodically jumps to the nearest pool of energy, with each pool empowering one of his abilities for a short duration.

Heroic Shadow-Lord Iskar

  Overview: Shadow-Lord Iskar alternates between a down phase with an up phase. Through out the fight players will have to manage Eye of Anzu buff to interact with various encounter mechanics.

Note for the Shadow-Lord Iskar encounter, it will be essential for players to be able to interact with other players with the use of the Extra Action Button. For example, the following macro was very useful.


   /target mouseover
   /use ExtraActionButton1

Mythic Blackhand - Bear PoV

Finally cleared up Mythic Blackrock Foundry. Grats to the new guild Paradise.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

6.0 Level 90 Armor Values and Equation

While working though my spreadsheet for my guardian druid for 6.0 I had to work through armor values and physical reduction associated with it. Here's my findings!

The actual equation actually works out close to the same format as the current one:


Where R: Reduction, A: Armor and L: Level

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wildstar - 24:38 Stormtalon Silver Run

Not a perfect run, we were running someone for their silver but I thought some content was due.

Watch Live:

I've also have been working on a warrior spreadsheet that I plan to get up on here in the next few days!