Friday, 21 April 2017

Thrash ALL THE THINGS - Guardian Thrash Build, Gear and Info

Lots of people have been asking me about THRASH ALL THE THINGS build I've been playing recently so I thought I'd throw up my build, gear and info.


Notes: This is more for Mythic+. The key talents here are
Incarnation Guardian of Ursoc (Level 75)
Balance Affinity(Level 45)

I personally like Feral Affinity more but the area increase from Balance Affinity will get you more dps through dungeons.


The main thing here is getting three thrash relics to increase Jagged Claws trait, here's where to get them.

Candle of Flickering Lumens - Coggleston - Lower Return to Karazhan

Stormforged Inferno - Odyn - Halls of Valor

Vampiric Fetish - Tichondrius - The Nighthold

Relinquishing Grip of Helheim - Harbaron - Maw of Souls

Blessing of Cenarius - Cenarius - The Emerald Nightmare

Rotation And Cooldowns:

One quick not here, for DPS, thrashing is higher priority than mangle:

DPS Priority Single Target:
Thrash > Mangle > Swipe - Keep Up Moonfire for Trait Scintillating Moonlight

DPS Priority AOE:
Thrash > Swipe

Tank / Rage Generation:
Mangle > Thrash > Swipe - Keep Up Moonfire for Trait Scintillating Moonlight

For cooldowns, note that Rage of the Sleeper is 1.5 minutes and Incarnation is 3 minutes. Try and make sure you are using Rage of the Sleeper when it comes up to have it for Incarnation.