Thursday, 11 October 2012

Guardian Stat Weights

There seems to be a great lack of Guardian information available so I've decided to clean up my spreadsheets and release them into the wild.

Guardian Stat Weights

Crit 0.0416
Agi 0.0296
Dodge^ 0.0251
Hit* 0.0225
Exp* 0.0225
Haste 0.0204
Mastery^ 0.0109
Armor^ 0.0063

*Before caps, see below
^ 100% dodgable or physical damage

Just a few notes. 
First, first off all. 1% dodge doesn't mean you're going to take 1% less damage. 1% less damage isn't going to be 1% less damage taken. These stat values have to be looked at on a per fight basis. If only 50% of the damage is "dodgable" dodge rating is worth only 50%, ect. This makes stats that increase RPS way more valuable!

SD gives 45% dodge
If only 25% of the incoming damage is "dodgable"
SD is reducing incoming damage by 11.25% damage
If I'm taking about 80k dps
I'm mitigating 9k dps

Extending this to all dodge
If only 25% of the incoming damage is "dodgable" 
The stat weight of dodge is only 0.0063!

FR will heal 100% effectiveness (because you're pro)
I currently have about 28k HPS with my FR

So I'm mitigating 9k dps or healing 28k hps...

First of all, some of these numbers are weird to first look at. It's amazing how much crit and haste are worth specifically. This is largely due to Bear Form granting 50% more crit and haste rating from gear! This means we only need an item to have 283 haste rating or 387 crit rating for 1%!

Second, I've not put this into a site or anything, just a simple Google doc. If you wish to edit it for your stats, save your own copy of this sheet and simply input you current stats in the green boxes on the first sheet. Everything should calculate out and give you your current stat weights. Feel free to browse the other sheets across the bottom to see other info and drill down in the calculations is you so desire.

Lastly, just a brief inside to how I've calculated these. This is firmly based on rage per second due to how the current tanking mechanics work. Mitigation was then worked backwards from dodge from Savage Defence to get the mitigation per 1% to get the equivalent armour and then further to mastery.

Rage Per Second
What you should be aiming for is keeping up you 60 rage cooldowns up as much as possible. What I personally look at is aims for the caps of 10 and 20 rage/sec. This means you can keep one or both of your major tanking abilities (Savage Defence and Frenzied Regeneration) more which of course is situational. Take all this lightly, hard numbers aren't going to make you better if you can't realize that Savage Defence 100% time on full magic mob is not good...

The Stam Discussions
I've not include calculations for stam for the simple fact that it has always been subjective and and variant from druid to druid. My personal option is I love being fat, it works well with my great healers with high throughput and my personal play style. I personally weigh stam higher than agi and now crit but this is something I'm even rethinking with the current raid content.

Other Useful Stats

Mastery Per 1% Dam Reduction - 2022

Rating Caps
Hit - 2,549
Exp - Dodge- 2,549
Exp - Parry - 5,098


Per Crit - 1,263
Per Dodge - 1,319

Gem Weights
Smooth Sun's Radiance (320 Crit) - 13.09
Deadly Vermilion Onyx (80 Agi/160Crit) - 8.36

Crafty Vermilion Onyx (160 Exp/160 Crit) - 9.29
Deadly Vermilion Onyx (80 Agi/160Crit) - 8.36
Perfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet (160 Agi) - 3.62

Jagged Alexandrite (160 Crit/120 Stam) - 6.55
Guardian's Imperial Amethyst (160 Exp/ 120 Stam) - 2.75
Shifting Imperial Amethyst (80 Agi/120 Stam) - 1.81


  1. I posted on mmo champ but just to let you know here your maths is incorrect regarding Agility. You divided instead of multipled.

    Sarella - US Stormrage

  2. Thanks, much appreciated. Updated.

  3. I have changed how dodge is viewed and it will be up to the bear to determine the actual stat weight of dodge based on "dodgable" damage. I personally prefer to get my dodge from rage so I have more hps if I don't need the dodge.

    This will be the case until I'm over the soft cap of SD. At which point dodge will have a max value I can get from RPS. Right now I'm still under.

  4. Hey there Troy, I was thinking abit on the value of dodge on a fight like Mel'jarak for example, where alot of the damage is dodgeable. Since SD is added last to your dodge % wouldn't this mean that dodge gets its value atleast doubled when SD is up?

    Lets say I have 15% dodge, add the 45% from SD and we reach 60% dodge. On a fight like Mel'jarak that is almost the same as a 60% dmg reduction. This results in my damage taken is 40% while SD is up. Increasing dodge by 1% will then bring down the damage taken to 39% which is a 2,5% dmg reduction from 40%.

    What's your thought about this?

  5. I understand what you're saying and this is something that I can work into the reduction tab. If you notice there I calculate the amount of dodge or mastery needed for 1% damage reduction based on your current stats. You're right in saying that on fight where you're using SD these values will change.

    I'll look into it soon, especially since we're working on Mel'jarak heroic at the moment : )

  6. Done!

    Dodge becomes the strongest when dealing with SD up and 100% dodgable damage.

  7. Hey there again Troy!

    Was looking thru the gem weights in your spreadsheet and noticed you're not calculating the 50% extra crit we get from gear into the crit gem. I think it should be 480*0,0431 = 20,69 instead of the 13,79?

    Or am I missing something important? :)

  8. Hey! I was wondering if you planned on updating info on guardian druids (stat weights BiS etc) for 5.2? I love the stuff you post for them and follow it for my own bear :D Let me know when you can!

  9. Yes, it's in the works. That spreadsheet is the working document. At the moment there are some issues that I will be working on in the near future.

  10. I actually had someone come out a couple weeks ago to give a bid for a checkerboard kitchen classic!

    Green Onyx

  11. Tova, which meta are you recommending?

  12. Indomitable Primal Diamond of course :p I've considered the dps one but really no reason too, not hitting enrages with our current progression, we have some sweet dps as is.

    If you don't have the legendary one, I always go with the 2% armor but if you're progression on a fight just take a look at logs and see where a majority of your incoming damage is, the 2% magic damage might be worth it.