Friday, 14 December 2012

Tooth And Claw

With 5.1 guardian druids now have the Tooth and Claw ability.

Tooth and Claw
Requires Druid (Guardian)
Requires level 32
Requires Bear Form
Your autoattacks in Bear Form have a 40% chance to empower your next Maul for 10 sec.  Empowered Maul causes its victim's next autoattack within 15 sec to deal (max((AP * $AGI) * 250 / 100, $STA * 250 / 100) * 0.4) less damage.

So here are the assumptions:

  1. The cooldown of Maul is less than the melee attack speed of the boss.
  2. Tooth and Claw does NOT proc from melee misses, dodges or parries.
  3. In this math I use 40% melee damage which was about the total melee damage I take over the course of a raid night. You can save this spreadsheet and adjust the green fields as you wish to get a more accurate number for you.
The results:

Tooth and Claw will increase the stat weights of Haste and Hit/Expertise due to faster attacks to proc more and increasing the amount you do proc from melee attacks connecting.

Haste 0.00004
Hit/Expertise 0.0052

Tips And Tricks
  1. Track your Tooth and Claw Buff on you and the Debuff on your target. Do NOT spend rage on maul unless these two conditions are true, the rage is otherwise wasted on just damage.

More Math:

- Boss DPS: 80000 
- Average Vengeance: ~71000 AP
- Average Tooth and Claw Melee Reduction: ~178000
- Boss DPS redution: ~ 5000 DPS
- % Boss DPS reduction: 6.5%

This just shows how much damage is being mitigated with Tooth and Claw on a single hit and the average percentage DPS being mitigated. Please view the TnC tab on the spreadsheet for more extensive math if you wish. Feedback always needed.


  1. I read on the inconspicuous bear thread that the tooth and claw debuff on the boss can stack, and is not consumed by a dodge. I haven't tested this myself, but if it does stack, then your tips and tricks section would be incorrect, and it would make the tracking of the debuff irrelevant.

  2. Your Stat Weights from Exp scaling the same way as Hit.
    If Hit >= 7.5% your Exp Stat Weights is zero also if Exp is 1% only.
    TnC!H20 only use Hit Stats from Calculation!H22

  3. It stacks in that you can have multiple druids putting it up. If you Maul with another Tooth and Claw it only refreshes the duration of your debuff.

    As for the Calculation!H22, I use that because the hit and exp stat weights are the same, what is at Calculation!H22.