Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dodge Stat Weight With Savage Defence

Recently I had someone ask about the value of dodge and how it scales with the 45% with Savage Defense up on bosses that are a majority dodge damage. This is a very good questions so I've done the math.

Original Question: Christoffer Zachau

"Hey there Troy (aka Tova), I was thinking abit on the value of dodge on a fight like Mel'jarak for example, where alot of the damage is dodgeable. Since SD is added last to your dodge % wouldn't this mean that dodge gets its value atleast doubled when SD is up?

Lets say I have 15% dodge, add the 45% from SD and we reach 60% dodge. On a fight like Mel'jarak that is almost the same as a 60% dmg reduction. This results in my damage taken is 40% while SD is up. Increasing dodge by 1% will then bring down the damage taken to 39% which is a 2,5% dmg reduction from 40%.

What's your thought about this?"

So here it is with Savage Defense Up!

With my current gear:

1% Less Damage Taken: +0.6% dodge needed
  (Math found on the reduction tab)
Which is only: 533 rating

Without SD: 751

This means I need 1.4 less rating to get 1% less damage taken.

New Dodge Stat Weight With SD: 0.0471

Higher than any other stat!

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  1. Hi, Tova. I thought about your new stat weight of DODGE with SD. If we have a new stat weight of DODGE with SD, so we should have a new stat weight of Agility.
    Dodge/Agi 0.8724
    Stat Weight(with SD) 0.0364(or 0.8724*0.0417)
    Crit/Agi 0.3176
    Stat Weight 0.0137 (or 0.3176*0,0431)
    Total 0,05006764