Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Heroic Dark Animus - Prot Pally PoV?!

What is this world coming to when a bear has to make a decent living riding a glowy warhorse to make ends meet!

Just an update, I haven't been posting much for two reasons. 1. I recently switched to a prot pally due to ours leaving wow and 2. we've been recruiting and not progressing as much. We have recently been apping a monk (another reason for switch from the leather wearing bear) and we're getting back on track.

Thought I'd share our Dark Animus kill even though it's from a yucking prot pally pov.


  1. Wow.. how disappointing :< lol
    Like no proper bear blogs left to follow soon...

  2. I'm still playing my bear in a sell run!
    Maybe I should do some more content with him.