Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Guardian Stat Weights - 5.2 Updated

Guardian Stat Weights - 5.2

Dodge^0.0294 / 0.0422
Hit*0.0245 / 0.0295
Exp*0.0245 / 0.0295

*Before caps, and using TnC see below
^ 100% dodgable or physical damage

How to read these stats:

As per any class and post you need to really understand what you're reading to be able to effectively use the information. Here are the key points to consider when using my stats and spreadsheet.

1. Dodge: First off dodge has a highly varying stat weight based on a few things:
- Dodge stat weight with and without Savage Defense up is different! Dodge becomes more valuable the more you have. As you increase in dodge the less and less dodge that is needed to reduce incoming damage by 1%. Refer to the "Reduction" tab in the following spreadsheet
- If you noticed on the spreadsheet, you can alter the percentage damage that is "dodgable". I encourage you to save your own copy of this spreadsheet and play with these to get a fell based on you logs and boss encounters.

2. Hit & Expertise: These stats have two stat weights because it is different based on if you're using Tooth and Claw. With this tier, I thought it best to make these highly evident due to our two piece. There are cases where you may not use your TnC procs. 

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