Thursday, 24 January 2013

5.2 Guardian Changes - Part 1

I thought I'd start keeping track of the 5.2 Guardian changes. There are currently two changes I would like to highlight:

1. Mangle

When looking at the WoWHead tooltip, we can see that the rage variable of the string changes from




Does this mean we're going to get 7.5 rage for Mangle Crits?! I thought I'd highlight this one first because it's not noted anywhere I've seen.

2. Tooth and Claw

The most recent post on MMOChampion states that there is about a 12% reduction. The MMOChamp tool tips shows

[ 88% of AP - 176% of Agility or Stamina ] less damage

But again on WoWHead we're seeing

(max((AP * $AGI) * 2.2, $STA * 250 / 100) * 0.4) less damage

Note the 12% is from the 2.2 being reduced from the old 250/100 (2.2/2.5 = 12%)

If you notice though the common for the MAX equation is before the stam and still has the 250/100 modifier. If this is the case, we're only seeing a 12% reduction in Tooth and Claw when we don't have any vengeance  Really there is no nerf then. Personally I think this is just a typo on WoWHead

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