Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Night With XSplit

After a evening back at the gym, I got home to Google Hangout with Krug, Orph, Tab and Raz. I made a huge, delicious plate of pasta and cheesy garlic break unknowing to the frustrations to come.

Enter XSplit...

So for a couple months now, like so many others, I have been streaming online. I've come to spend a fair bit of money and time on my computer equipment in order to be able to stream at the best quality I can. I've fine tune everything and last night I got to the point where I've become unhappy with the quality I've been getting. 

As you can see on my youtube channel,  some of my videos still aren't turning out as good as they could.

Playing with every setting possible I was still having problems. Sparing you the long rant, it comes down to my connection. I have 100Mb down and 5Mb upload. I've always got about 4.2Mb and last nights tests I'm getting less than 1Mb...

Time to yell at my isp. 

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