Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Legion Armor Damage Reduction And WeakAura

Playing a bear druid, my know my armor and physical damage reduction is quite important. With the 85% physical damage reduction cap, I find myself able to hit this and as a result I need to keep an eye on this not to hit another stack of Iron Fur.

With the lack of much information out there, I thought it would be helpful to put up my armor formulas and WeakAura.


This WeakAura will display your current damage reduction based on your current targets level. Or with no target it will display your physical damage reduction based on a 110 mob.

The Math And Caps

Further the modified here has been based on level, assuming this is still valid, we get the following:

85% Damage Reduction Caps:
110 Mob = 41878
113 Mob = 43020

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  1. I just noticed I def put 'Amrour' and Not 'Armor' at the bottom of that graph...