Friday, 24 April 2015

6.2 Savage Defense Changes

Increases chance to dodge by 45% and reduces Physical damage taken by 20% for 6 sec.

  At first look the 20% decrease physical damage taken look awesome and don't get me wrong, it is nice but after further thought I think it's more of a quality of life change than a huge buff.

  First of all a vast majority of damage we take as tanks that is physical is dodgable. That being said, on average, this 20% buff only applies to 55% of the damage we take while we have Savage Defense up. Therefore on average when we hit Savage Defense we will only take 11% less physical damage (55% change to be hit * 20% reduction). Therefore in my mind Savage defense is now 56% physical damage reduction.

  Further to my comment about a quality of life change, say we have a bad Savage Defense and dodge zero attacks. So now instead of our rng dodge we will always take at least 20% less damage. This help with the "getting gib'd" that avoidance tanking can lead to.  Here is a chart for an example of a 1.5 melee swing timer mob for one Savage Defense.

Total Damage Reduction During A Savage Defense.

# of HitsOld SDNew SD

  As we can see this just brings up the bottom end of Savage Defense which was really needed to make bears a more stable tank.

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