Friday, 9 November 2012

Glyph or Unglyphed FR, That Is The Question

This is something that I should have done with the first round of math but someone recently pointed out to me and even did the basics for me. Credit to Thefool808 on

Basically how this plays out is, how much of my healing do I need to do with unglyphed frenzied regen so that I know ovreall I'm getting more healing that if the healers where getting 40% extra healing on me.

From TheFool808

total healing = t, FR healing percent = p

t*p = (t - t*p)* .4
p = .4 - .4p
1.4p = .4
p = .4/1.4
p = 28.57%

This works out to 28.57%. So if I do 28.57% of my own healing, or more, unglyphed is more total healing on me. If I am doing less than I would get more healing from healers getting 40% more.

I've extended it a bit further on my spreadsheet to account for uptime on glyphed FR base on your rage per second you generate.

As you can see because currently  I only have 9.33 RPS I can only keep it up 93.33% of the time. so this lowers the benefit a bit on glyphed where I only need to be doing 26.67% of my total heals.

Keep in mind, this is just the math! You should also consider things like you being an extra "healer" and the benefit of that. Things like fight or 10 vs 25. Play smart, play bear.



    On empress, I had 20% frenzied regen healing as my total healing done on myself. So since its lower then your 28%, I should glyph for it so that I get more benefit from healers?

    If that is true, I usually hit fr because I feel like healers cannot heal me or overwhelmed with healing other things. If that is the case, is glyphed FR still better or do you not account for the total # of casts during the 6 second buff fr provides.

    1. All it can really do is save healer mana by increasing their throughput (by more than you're helping them with non-glyphed FR). I totally understand how powerful the heal from FR can feel when I'm stuck all alone away from healers, but if we're wiping because of running out of healer mana, then the glyph might make the difference. Anyways, it will be more interesting going forward to see how healing vs. FR scales as the expansion progresses.

      Anyways, I'm looking at the log and it looks like you had 28% of your total healing so don't glyph it. Even at 20%, it seems like personal preference might win out over the math.

      Healing taken from
      Actor Amount
      Instinct 5498206 30.4 %
      Williee 5175666 28.6 %